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In this category you can see all the Rustic Floor Lamps with an elaborate design with LED lighting or energy saving, direct or diffused light. Discover the convenience and convenience of buying online at factory prices with free shipping.

Vintage rustic floor lamp with branches 2...

595,12 € 661,24 €
Rustic floor lamp, metal frame, decorative elements with natural wood branches.

Rustic wooden floor lamp 1 Biva light 50

383,20 € 425,78 €
Light body in hand-decorated wood paste and chrome-plated metal finish. Double fabric lampshade: white inside and pleated in hemp color outside.

Rustic floor lamp in wood 1 light Driftwood beige

542,41 € 602,68 €
Decorative elements with branches of natural wood. PVC foil diffuser covered with canvas fabric.

Rustic floor trio 416600200 salim

122,80 € 153,50 €
Metal frame covered by Ratan Rattan color pattern and beige details. White Fabric Diffuser.
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